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The Finnish Lapphund


Originally Finnish Lapphunds are herding dogs, therefore during walks they like to stay close and are willing to listen to their owner. However, due to the independent nature of their original jobs, they are strongly opinionated. This means they want to please their owner; however, they need to understand the reasons behind your command. Doing a few tricks because the owner wants them to will be fine but if you ask them to do it countless times they would probably refuse. 

Regarding exercise, Finnish Lapphunds tend to thrive during long free walks. A short walk occasionally is no problem, however certainly not too often. A satisfied Lapphund with enough exercise is a lot more relaxed in the house and more fun to live with. Generally, they are good off leash, however some of them do have a hunting instinct.

The Finnish Lapphund is very suitable to live indoors. They are friendly to people and other dogs. However, they don't always get along with all dogs and especially males might be willing to test their strength with other males.



In the past the Finnish Lapphund was used to herd the reindeers by the Sámi. However, in the Netherlands they aren't used for this purpose. They do like to be active with their owner, so a fun course would be ideal for them. From flyball, agility or tracking to obedience and sheep herding are all things they would like to do. However. the most important thing in training is variety, then they are the most engaged.

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